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Y Café’s story began when yours began, with the love for coffee and the mission of serving as a beacon in today’s emerging businesses. We always have a strong passion for gastronomy and coffee. Love for exploring and experimenting with coffee in search of the perfect cup, eventually led to the opening of Y Cafe, serving specialty coffee.

What sets Y Café apart are the coffee beans that have been grown and harvested on an ideal condition which makes it stand out from the others and the team, whose expertise is making a good cup of coffee customized to every individual’s preference.

It was envisioned to be “NotYourOrdinaryCafe”. We strive to provide the best experience to our guests by offering a perfect venue to EAT, PLAY, WORK and CREATE. Y Café brews an exciting vibe and atmosphere where extraordinary experience would be the welcoming greeting to everyone who visits. Experience coffee in a whole new different way!

Our Story

Unlike other business incubators, Y Café can give you not just the access to facilities and services,

most importantly it can provide Capital Funding to help you kick-start your business idea.

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