With the viral success of various hot wing challenges posted online, many people are jumping on the hot-wing challenge train — and Y Café’s Lord of the Wings is no exception. So just the other day July 27, 2018 (Friday) Y Café announced, looking for the right owner of the title, The Lord of the Wings and was held at Y Café.

Eleven (11) contestants participated and fought for the crown. We have accompanied the contenders on their quest to be the Lord of the Wings.

The premise of the hot wing challenge was simple. Participants were just given an array of chicken wings all with increasing heat intensity to witness who could last the longest, has the highest pain tolerance and is worthy enough to be crowned as the Lord of the Wings. Participants have to finish each wing before moving onto the next one. There has to be no meat leftover, no wiping of mouth and they can’t have a drink until the end or they’ll be disqualified.

Whoever succeeds, it’s all on the house, plus the winner will receive 1 (whole) cake from Y Café, a P1,000 worth Gift Certificate, and winner’s photo on the Hall of Fame but failure means paying P300 to lose the respect of his/her peers.

The first round started off with Barbecue Voodoo Blowout, the sauce used is Pucker Butt Voodoo Prince Death Mamba this which ranks about 750,000 – 1,200,000 on the Scoville heat scale. The confidence was short lived as 3 out of 11 contestants only survived as the heat hit them.


For the penultimate wing, Roasted Chipotle Bomb was served. The hot sauce used is da bomb beyond insanity, and it took them to an extreme of around a 119,700 on the Scoville heat scale. The heat just kept intensifying, and the sweat is flowing from their head and on to the table, only 2 contestants were left off for the final round. No one’s stopping them from following their dream of getting their name on the wall of fame.


Then, the final wing has arrived, a face-melting hot sauce that can scorch even the toughest taste buds. The last wing is called Pollo El Diablo also known as the demon chicken it is a legendary demon. Legend says it is a mythical chicken-like creature and said as to be as tall as a man and twice as strong.


This inspired dish with heat powerful enough to set the finalists mouth on fire for about 16,000,000 on Scoville heat scale. The semi-finalists namely; Prativ Saha and Jereme Hwang were in great pain as they took the last batch of wings and felt like they were licking fire. Both of them proved they’re worthy of the title but only one stood out, and that is Jereme Hwang.


Truly, this challenge proves that it’s not the strength of your stomach that matters but the strength of your heart.

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