Going Hungry for Fusion

The Asian Cuisine is known for its rich spices and flavors creating a distinct taste once you devour the food. In Y Café, the young chiefs discovered a new fusion that will satisfy your Asian cravings.

The traditional techniques which handed down to the young chiefs of Y Café combined with their own style to create a dish which is familiar to the taste bud—-authentic but with a twist.

Y Café conceptualized the “Asian Fusion Rice Toppings” as something delectable and affordable. The customers can choose from six rice toppings:

The “Delightful Asian Beef Stew” is the signature braised beef served on the top of the steamed rice and locally known as Pares. What makes it distinct? The dry consistency. The beef was cooked slowly and gently to soothe the flavors inside the tender meat.

“Savory Pepper Beef Strips Stir” is a fried premium beef strip which is thinly cut to melt inside your mouth. It comes with savory sauce served with steamed rice and vegetables on the side to make it balance.

“Sweet & Spicy Shrimp” is one of the well-known Chinese dishes. The shrimp is freshly battered then deep fried–it is topped with sweet & spicy sauce. Same with the Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet but the meat came from cream Dory, both served with steamed rice.

While the “Tempting Spicy Pork Liempo” is marinated in Y Café’s signature sauce, served with rice and vegetables on the side. It is really mouth-watering due to its crisp.

Lastly, “Heavenly Chicken Sisig” is the classic Filipino favorite, but Y Café garnished it with fried chicken skin to add texture—-best paired with beers.

Y Café ascertained the customers that the ingredients are fresh and well-prepared.

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