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“Fifty years ago, Philippines was the second richest country in Asia. Nowadays, Filipinos have a good chance to become rich again… Filipinos are open-minded, adaptive to new things and possessing a vibrant culture. 

Indeed, the Philippines has captured the world’s attention by its unique culture, genuine hospitality and improving economic growth. It is very evident by having pool of investors coming to the country today. Among the investors is YHLRC, a group of Chinese businessmen with a clear vision to put up hotel, resorts and restaurants in Metro Manila and other parts of the country.

Hence, VC Café was born, a 300-square-meter space at the ground floor of Don Chua Lamko Building at the corner of L.P. Leviste Street and Dela Costa Streets in Salcedo Village, Makati City. Located at the heart of the country’s business district capital, VC Café, which stands for Venture Capital Café, is the flagship project of YHLRC.

From the name itself you may assume that it is not your typical coffee shop in the Metro today. In fact, it was envisioned to be the “NotYourOrdinaryCafe” which offers more than seats to sip your coffee but also creative spaces to develop ideas and cultivate the next business ventures. VC Café brews an exciting vibe and atmosphere where extraordinary experience would be the welcoming greeting to everyone who visits the café. It’s called the VC Café Experience, offering a perfect venue to EAT, PLAY, WORK and CREATE.










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